A message from Anne

Full disclosure, I’m impatient at times with technology ☺. If it’s too complicated, I tend to lose interest. So, when my Loop arrived, I was thrilled to discover that even I could set it up in a matter of minutes. That’s a very good start!

Next, I had a great time going through our many personal photos over the years and choosing some favorites to get my Loop started. I chose these images because they evoked a memory to be shared, not because they’re necessarily “great” creatively. I’m known for my images in books, calendars and greeting cards over the past 35 years, but as with your own family, ours have also always loved taking personal images which to us are equally important and so beloved as the years pass.

Personally, our little family is spread far and wide around the world and excuse the adage, but we have now “looped each other in” and are having so much fun sharing images and memories, plus adding new ones almost daily. In my home here in New York our Loop is in pride of place in our kitchen, and every time I walk in there, I see another memory on the screen which always puts a smile on my face. Old pets long gone (and new ones still with us) tiny babies now grown into beautiful and happy young women, 3 of the only images of myself under 2 years of age … it's endless. Memories on our Loops become alive and visible. Hmmm, there are quite a few later images of us all holding wine glasses, but hey, sitting around the dinner table is where many of our collective memories are shared and great conversations take place right?

In addition to the above (and I again emphasise some very loved old dogs ☺) my current selection also celebrates births, toddler years, school years, graduations, weddings, and everything in between that makes family life so precious. Millions of images are taken on phones around the world every day, but they tend to become buried in obscurity. I’m a storyteller, and to me my Loop is an ever-changing and fun creative way to continue telling my family’s on-going story.