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The digital picture frame that helps you share and enjoy all your special memories


The digital frame that helps you share and enjoy all your special memories.

What Do Photographers Think?

“On a personal note, I was so surprised by how easy it was to set up my Loop at home. And creating different folders was fun as well. Now many of our family images from over the years are popping up on the screen to the delight of everyone, reviving lovely memories and leading to some great conversations about when and where they were taken”

- Anne Geddes

Bringing back the memories

We all capture so many amazing pictures and memories, but they are buried in our phones. Loop helps bring them to life, in your own personal slideshow running in your home. It take seconds to upload them, then just sit back and enjoy the memories.

Text Photos to Loop phone number and they'll go straight to frame!

Use Albums to easily find pictures with 16GB of space

Everyone can upload pictures to Loop from their phone

Keeps your family connected

Loop is also amazing for connecting family who live far away or who aren’t the best with technology. Every day new pictures you upload will show up like little surprises. The best part, you don’t need to go digging through text messages or scrolling through social media to find them. They are are all safely living in Loop and the memories will automatically pop back up into your home.

"Fantastic way to keep in touch"

"Absolutely fantastic way to keep in touch with family, especially grandkids, who live many miles away. We watch our loop many times every day and very much look forward to new photos."

- Nanie & Papa, WA

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Easy to Share
Share your memories with the 5-star rated Loop iOS app or you can even text a photo directly to your Loop!

"Family-only sharing"

"Those in-between moments that I might not want to share on social media? Now they could be shared in real-time safely and securely with my family. "

- Nichole B. | Verified Buyer

"Wonderful and easy way to receive photos!"

"The Loop makes it easy for my daughter-in-law to send and me to receive photos of my grandchildren. It's fun to see the photos scroll across the screen of the Loop. Because she can send the photos as they are having their adventures, I feel like I'm there with them!" - Trudi G. | Verified Buyer

Include the Whole Family

More than just a digital picture frame. Loop is a new way of staying connected with family.

"We Love It!"

"We love the Loop for ourselves and for our parents. We have our monitor in our living space and it's the best thing to see moments from our day with our daughter show up on it. We doubly love knowing our parents are enjoying moments from our day in their living room, instantaneously as well. The Loop makes the best gift for grandparents and new parents. Plus it's super easy to set up and navigate." - Dharma Nemani | Verified Buyer

Vibrant, Crisp Display

Enjoy super crisp quality photos on display for everyone to see.


"As a professional photographer I have to say the display on the loop is amazing, it shows off your images in a artful, vibrant display…we LOVE it." - Kendra Gross | Verified Buyer

"I am most impressed with is the DISPLAY! It is OLED-screen bright and detailed, so colorful!!! Just a stunning display!" - Jennifer Bruce | Verified Buyer

Keep your family in the Loop