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Loop is the ONLY digital photo frame you can TEXT message photos to - and they appear instantly - anywhere in the world!

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Delightfully easy to use

Connect to wi-fi

Plug in and use the touch screen to connect to Wi-Fi.

Invite your family

Everyone can send photos to your frame and see what's being shared with the free mobile app.

Text message photos to the frame

Text message photos or use the app to send photos to the frame and they'll appear instantly.

100 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

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Beautifully Simple To Use

Sets up in 1 minute

Everyone in the family can send photos to Loop

Text photos to Loop and they show up instantly

Easy to use touchscreen

Tap 'like' on your favorite photos

Get notified when they see your photos

Vibrant class leading IPS display

Thoughtfully designed to fit in any home


How is Loop different than other frames?

Instead of white-labeling another manufacture’s frame like many others, we’ve spent years designing Loop from scratch to create a quality product. Loop features a high end custom IPS screen so your pictures look great, and a contemporary design meant to look good from every angle. We’ve also put a lot of care into our mobile app because we believe it’s just as important as the frame itself.

Is Loop easy to use for people that aren’t tech savvy?

Loop was designed specifically with non-tech savvy people in mind. You can set up your frame for a completely hands-free experience. The frame can be controlled and customized remotely from anywhere with the app so the gift recipient never has to worry. There’s also a super simple touch screen interface for customizing Loop on the frame directly as well.

How do I setup my frame

To setup your frame just plug it in, create a Loop account and connect it to Wi-Fi. From there, download and use the app to add photos and invite the rest of your family.

How do I send photos to Loop

You can send photos by text messaging them to your Loop phone number or uploading them with the app. There’s multiple ways to add photos so you can decide what’s easiest for you!

Can others send photos to Loop?

Yes absolutely! Everyone in the family can download the free app and connect to your frame(s). Once connected they can share photos, view what other family members are sharing, and comment on photos.

Do other family members need a Loop frame to participate?

No, we designed the Loop app to be a wonderful experience on its own. Family members can see everything that’s happening with the app and are notified about the latest updates.

Can I send photos to multiple frames at once?

Yes, simply send the photo to whichever album you’d like and if you’ve set up that album to go to multiple frames then the photo will show up in multiple frames at once.

Can I setup Loop before gifting it to someone?

Many people love to buy Loop as a gift for a love one so we’ve tried to make this as easy as possible. We recommend setting your Loop up and pre-loading it with photos for the best experience. If you’re mailing the Loop you can also pre-program the gift recipient’s Wi-Fi information so all they need to do is plug it in for the ultimate hassle free setup.

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