Adding Photos



Adding photos and video

There are two ways to add more content to your Loop. You can either create new channels or send photos/videos to existing channels.


Adding photos/videos to new channels

Loop organizes content into channels. A channel can be any collection of content including photos and videos from your phone, your Instagram, albums from Facebook or streams from Youtube. You can organize your content however you like and then share them with others. To get started hit the + button at the top of the channels screen.

adding photos

You can create channels from several different sources. In this guide, we’ll start with a channel that uses content on your phone’s camera roll.

camera roll

Select the album on your phone. In this example, we’re going to select the ‘camera roll’ album.

select album

Select the photos or videos you’d like to upload or use the Select all button to select the entire album folder. Once you’re done selecting photos/videos, click the add photos button at the bottom of the screen.

Note: You can upload 500 photos at a time or 1 video at a time. Multi-video upload will be coming shortly. select photos

Choose a name for your channel.

name channel

A notification will appear on your Loop showing that a new channel has been added. You can use the touch top button to switch to your new channel or ignore the notification to simply stay on the current channel.


You can also switch to the channel you created anytime by turning the channel knob and selecting the channel from the list.

change channel



Adding photos/videos to existing channels

You can send new content to existing channels anytime. Start by pushing the send button on the bottom navigation bar.


send photos

Select the photos or videos you want to send to your Loop by tapping on them.

By default, you’ll start off in the ‘Camera Roll’ or ‘All Photos’ albums within iOS. You can view other albums on your phone by tapping the folder name and making a selection.

Note: You can upload 500 photos at a time or 1 video at a time. Multi-video upload will be coming album

Once you’re done selecting photos/videos, click the ‘add photos button at the bottom of the screen.

add select

The photos/videos you’ve just selected will show at the top of the screen.

If you’ve only selected one photo, you can pinch/zoom on the photo to crop it on the Loop and you can add a caption.

If you’ve selected multiple photos, you can swipe left/right to review all of the photos you’re about to send.

photos selected

Tap the channel you’d like to add the photo/video(s) to, then click the send photo button below to send them to your Loop.

send channel

New photos will show up in both your Channels feed on the mobile app and on your Loop. When new photos appear on the Loop they will hold on screen until action is taken.

send success

Use the touch top surface on your Loop to clear the new photo/video and return to the previous photo/video rotation.


Like - Sends a like notification back to the sender letting them know you liked their photo.

Dismiss - Clears the photo/video from the screen and resumes the previous channels slideshow. If there are multiple new photos/videos then this proceeds to the next item.

Dismiss all - Clears the entire stack of new photo/videos and resumes the previous channel slideshow.

Note: All liked or dismissed photos can later be found in the channel they were sent to after being cleared. send final