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Loop is a digital frame that lets you send pictures and videos - as easy as texting!

"Loop is truly the nicest looking frame on the market and it’s incredibly easy to set up and use." Kendra S. - early Loop customer

Does Mom still ask you to send more pictures?

Yes. Ours does too.There are a lot of apps out there but staying connected with your family can still be a pain. You sister doesn't like putting pictures of her kids on Facebook, the family text message isn't working because some people are on Apple and the rest on Android. Oh yeah, we still need to email to Grandma anyway.

It shouldn't be this hard

Loop makes it super easy to share pictures with your parents, grandparents or even just enjoy them in your home.


How it works

Just text the pictures from your phone and they show up instantly on Loop anywhere in the world. Want to share lots of photos or a video? Then just open the free Loop app and you can upload as many as you like.

Our family is spread out. Can everyone in the family send to Mom's Loop?

Yes! Loop has this cool thing called Channels. Its like an group album but its constantly updated with new pictures so its always fresh. Multiple family members can text, email or use the app and send photos to the Loop.

Why Loop?

Easy to Use

Loop has knobs. No touchscreen for Mom and Dad to get in trouble

Elegantly designed

Every detail has been thought through for your enjoyment

Private and Secure

Keep the special moments in the family

Lets do this together

- Jessica Alba

Loop automatically syncs with Apple Photos, Google Photos and even Instagram

You don't need to lift a finger, every day Loop will check for updates from your favorite sources and display them all. No hands! We will work in the background so you dont have to.

"Beautiful Digital Frame. I love our loop! I have one in my home, one at my husband’s office and we just got two more for both sets of grandparents." -

Denise P.


"Loop is truly the nicest looking frame on the market and it’s incredibly easy to set up and use." Kendra S.


1. We need a carouisel at the top so people can get a sense of the design quickly.
2. A picture or gif of texting pics.
2. Need a video testimonial like Shine. 2-3 in one video.
3. Full FAQ section
4. Good image showing the syncing with apple photos, google photos
5. Video/GIf of the liking function. Maybe one that has both scrolling through photos and a like.
6. Lots of sign up areas. Pre-order now.
7. A few more reviews and maybe TIMe magazine quote.
8. Lots of baby pics.

It’s time to be honest!

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